Division of Campus Life

Campus Life

Educating undergraduate, graduate and medical school students to ensure their holistic success and providing resources and support for the Brown community.

We guide students throughout their journey.

During their time at Brown, students will engage with many of the resources available in the Division of Campus Life. They will be supported on their journey by staff members who provide developmental advising and mentoring, empower students to access resources and make more informed decisions, facilitate opportunities for students to find a sense of belonging and build relationships across differences, and foster leadership and life skills so students can thrive at Brown and beyond.  

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We partner with parents and families.

Parents and families are a valued part of the Brown community and important partners in their student’s success. We invite parents and family members to learn more about what is happening on the Brown University campus and the wide range of services and resources that are available to students and their families.

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We collaborate and connect to empower student success.

Discover the inclusive community and comprehensive network of support that enables Brown students to excel academically, socially and personally. Our divisional roadmap, “Charting the Path for Student Success,” outlines goals and key action steps that guide our efforts, inviting intentional collaboration with campus and community partners, and ensuring that assessment of impact informs our path forward. 

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