Division of Campus Life

Administrator On Call – 24/7 Support for Students

The Administrator on Call (AOC) is available to support all Brown undergraduate, graduate and medical students in need of immediate assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Administrator on Call is an on-campus staff member from the Division of Campus Life. The AOC can assist with problem solving, resourcing and gathering information so that the appropriate offices can provide timely and coordinated follow-up with the student at that time or during the next business day. 

In addition to providing students with immediate support and referrals, the AOC can be the main point of contact for faculty, staff, family members or other members of the Brown community when there is a concern for a student’s health, safety or wellness. 

  • To reach the Administrator on Call, call the Department of Public Safety (DPS) non-emergency line at 401-863-3322 and request to be connected to the AOC.
  • For emergency police, fire or medical response, call DPS at 401-863-4111.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you call the DPS non-emergency line, the dispatcher will connect you with the AOC. The AOC will speak with you to gather information, assess the situation and determine the next steps. As appropriate, the AOC will facilitate a connection to other after-hours resources or may coordinate follow-up support from appropriate resources during business hours. 

Students concerned about academic deadlines or needing help communicating with faculty about absences should contact their faculty members and/or an advising dean in the College. When health-related or complex personal issues underlie the academic concern, students are encouraged to use the AOC to discuss options for the next best steps, which may include connection to Student Support Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Accessibility Services, deans in the College or other resources.

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