Division of Campus Life

Dear Students,VP Eric Estes on a green at Brown University

When I arrived at Brown in 2016, I discovered a community that cares deeply about exploring big, meaningful questions and issues, that wants to make an impact on the world for the common good, and that cares about being supportive of one other. Whether you are new to Brown or already a member of our diverse and inclusive undergraduate, graduate and medical student community, I encourage you to engage with this same care and kindness — for others and for yourself — as you connect and apply your learning beyond the classroom. 

Brown will be your home for four (or more) years; it’s a place where you will find your community and belonging — in your residence or dining hall, in an identity or cultural center, in a student organization or elsewhere on campus. There are boundless opportunities and resources in Campus Life to help you engage, learn about yourself and others and have fun. I encourage you to explore, be open to trying something new, and seek out peers with backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs different from your own. 

Know that you are supported on your journey by a committed, expert group of educators and mentors. We aim to support your intellectual and personal development as you engage fully with your Brown experience and beyond. Whatever questions you have or challenges you encounter, you will find answers and resources from our team at Campus Life. Do not hesitate to reach out. 

We are so excited you are here. 

See you around campus, 

Eric S. Estes, Ph.D.
Vice President for Campus Life


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