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Culture of Respect: Interpersonal Violence Prevention

Brown is committed to ending all forms of harassment and sexual and gender-based violence. By learning about and implementing best practices in interpersonal violence prevention and response efforts, Brown strives to create a welcoming and safe environment for all students.

From January 2021 to January 2023, a collection of students, staff, and stakeholders from across the University participated in “the Collective” from Culture of Respect, a two-year program that convenes institutions of higher education that are dedicated to addressing sexual and gender-based violence. The program involves rigorous self-assessment, collaborative strategic planning, and targeted organizational change.

A graphic outlining steps in the Culture of Respect Individualized  Implementation Plan

Brown's Implementation Plan

During the Culture of Respect’s two-year intensive process, a collective of Brown University practitioners collaborated to build infrastructure around interpersonal violence prevention and response. Brown University committed to ten goals, which resulted in the following:
  1. Developed Title IX FAQ to make it easier to navigate the reporting and resolution process (completed March 2023). 
  2. Created the Culture of Respect Final Report to evaluate the support process for student respondents planning for re-entry (completed December 2022).
  3. Developed an annual educational training for Brown employees on harassment and sexual and gender-based violence.
  4. Created a Survivor Resource Guide to help students navigate campus resources (completed August 2023). 
  5. Established a centralized permanent group to continue developing sexual and gender-based violence prevention and response resources (completed February 2022).
  6. Review best practices and national standards for staffing of interpersonal violence prevention and response efforts.
  7. Develop a multi-tiered interpersonal violence prevention education plan with Athletics for student-athletes (completed September 2022).
  8. Update procedure for issuing Clery “timely warnings.” 
  9. Create a working group to improve accessibility of public data related to interpersonal violence.
  10. Created a feedback mechanism for students who have participated in a Title IX resolution process (completed January 2023).

Contact: cultureofrespect@brown.edu

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